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Handbook & FAQs

Our handbook gives information and advice about gardening on Harlow Hill Allotment site


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Handbook - April 2024


When is my plot rent due?

Plot rents are due at the start of February each year.  You will be sent an invoice in January and the rent must be paid by the end of February.

Can I have a bonfire?

All herbaceous plant material should be composted. As far as possible avoid having fires at any time, though, if unavoidable, you may burn dry woody material on your plot as follows:  
          Winter (October to March) before 12 noon on the first Saturday in each month; 
          Summer (April to September) before 8:00 a.m. on the first Saturday in each month.  

How do I water my plants?

There are a number of water butts and taps around the site.  The mains water supply  is turned on during the cultivation season (turned on at the start of April and switched off at the end of October).  

The plot rent is inclusive of a water rate. You can water your plot with a watering can and can use a hosepipe to fill a butt on your plot. If you want to use a hand held hose pipe you must buy a water licence from the Allotment Shop (Currently £15 per year).  Sprinklers and unattended hose pipes are never allowed.

Don't wash your hands, produce or your tools under the taps as this can spread infection in the water butts.

When is the Allotment Shop open?

The shop is open on Saturdays  10.30 - 12.00 from February to the end of June and September to the middle of November. In July and August it is just open once a month.  Opening details will be sent to all plot holders and associates and displayed on the allotment gates and noticeboards.

Who mows the grass rides?

Teams of volunteers mow the main rides.  However, every plot holder is responsible for keeping the grass paths between plots neat and tidy and for edging the grass around their own plot.  There are two mowers  and edging shears available in the hut next to the shop and one mower in the shed on the small site.

How can I contribute to the site?

Work weekends are held in June and October each year when all plot holders are asked to come and help with site maintenance tasks.

Some plot holders help in the Allotment Shop; others volunteer to mow the main rides.  

If you are interested in the management of the site, you could consider joining the committee.  

Talk to one of the committee members for more information.

What happens if the bees swarm?

The bee-keepers. will inspect the hives every 6-8 days through the swarming season (April to August) and take action as required. Contact numbers for the bee-keepers and for the swarm line are displayed in the noticeboard at the front of the Allotment Shop.  If you see a swarm, please contact one of the bee-keepers or, if they're not available, ring the swarm line.

Can I buy seeds through the allotment association?

The Kings' Seeds Scheme is open to all plot holders and associate members and provides good quality seeds at a discounted price.  Catalogues are available in August; orders need to be sent in to the seed scheme co-ordinator by the end of October and the seeds are delivered in November.  Seed potatoes can also be ordered at the same time. They are delivered in January.

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