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Kings Seed Order

Through our membership of the National Allotment Society, we have the opportunity to order from Kings Seeds at reduced prices.  Kings offer a very good range of seeds - vegetables, herbs and flowers - onion sets, seed potatoes, fruit bushes and sundries. 


The catalogues usually arrive sometime in August  and  you can collect the catalogue from the shed next to the Allotment Shop or the communal shed on the small site. Look out for the email or notices on the site gates to tell you they have arrived.


Just choose what you want, complete the order form and follow the instructions on the front of the catalogue.


As well as the seeds being cheaper for you, if we send in a group order, we also make some additional funds for our allotment association, so please support the seed order.

Seed Potatoes and Onion Sets

We also order certain varieties of seed potatoes and onion sets from Acorn Garden Supplies.  The seed potatoes are good quality Scottish seed potatoes and are usually a little cheaper than those from Kings.  A form for these seed potatoes and onion sets will be sent out by email.

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